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h3. What are the Groups and the Email Lists of digiMAR?
The Groups of discussion and the Email lists of DigiMAR are tools to facilitate the communication to groups of people with a common interest but geographically dispersed. This service of DigiMAR provides a mailing list and a web version as well in a Forum-like format with the archive of messages and making them easily accessible. The forums and mailing lists of DigiMAR are based on the technology "Google Groups"

h3. Groups and Email Lists available
h4. DO*MAR Students

* *Access:* Private
* *Description:* Group of discussion for students of the PhD program of Campus do Mar (DO*MAR)
* *Email address:* [|]
* *Utilities:*
** [Archive of messages|]

h4. PuMuKIT-ES

* *Access:* Public
* *Description:* Group of discussion of the project PuMuKIT ([|]) in spanish
* *Email address:*
* *Utilities:*
** [Subscribe|!forum/pumukit-es/join]
** [Archive of messages|!forum/pumukit-es]
** [Archive old List|!forum/pumukit-es]



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