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There are two options on how to send emails to the students; you can either send an email individually or send a general email to all students. To see a report of all registered students in this course, go to “_Navigation_” menu and click on “_Participants_”.
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You can choose to change this view to a more detailed one on the upper right corner.
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Select “_User details_” in stead of “_Brief_” and you will get more information about the student (including their registration email address). You can either send an email individually or send an email to the students you want to contact. You may want to use the buttons in the bottom of the page to select or deselect all students. Once the selection is done, choose the "_Send a message_" option in the drop down menu.
!participantes enviar nota.jpg|align=center,width=600!

This option will trigger an email to all students that have been selected.


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