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h3. Telephone Quick Guide (Model Aastra 673i)

h3. Function Keys
* h4. !configuracion.png|width=55,height=28! Settings:
** Settings menu and telephone customization
* h4. !llamadas.png|width=55,height=29! Calls:
** List of the last 200 received calls (missed and answered calls)
* h4. !conferencia.png|width=60,height=33! Conference:
** Place the current call on hold and start the conference with a third caller
* h4. !transferencia.png|width=54,height=28! Transfer:
** Place the current call on hold and transfer the ongoing call to a third caller
* h4. !L1_L2.png|width=56,height=56! Lines L1/L2:
** Select the line (with LED: in use or incoming call)
* h4. !manos_libres.png|width=54,height=28! Hands-free:
** Activate hands-free speakerphone (with activity LED)

h3. Memory Keys
* h4. Programmable Keys:
** Keys 5 and 8 are preprogrammed to save, delete and access the Directory list and common services such as the list of calls

h3. Volume Keys
* h4. !volumen.png|width=73,height=24! Volume:
** Adjust speakerphone volume on the phone, hands-free and call tone
* h4. !mute.png|width=49,height=25! Mute:
** Silence the microphone of the phone or hands-free (caller does not hear)

h3. Call Keys
* h4. Hold:
** Place an ongoing call on hold with the music-on-hold, retrieve the call with the line key
* h4. Redial:
** Access the list of the last 100 made calls, start the last one by clicking twice
* h4. Cancel:
** End the call and go to main menu

h3. Transfer
* h4. Direct:
** Transfer an ongoing call to a third caller without consultation
* h4. With consultation:
** Transfer an ongoing call to a third caller consulting their availability

h3. 3-party-Conference
* Establish a conference among several callers, after having started a conversation

h3. Call forwarding
* h4. Immediate:
** Option 1. Forward all the received calls on that number, programable from options menu
** Option 2. Forward all the received calls on that number. For that, dial \*71 + number to which you want to forward the call (adding number 0 before when the number is not from the university). To disable forwarding call dial * 72.
* h4. If line is busy:
** Forward calls if the caller is busy and hold call service is not enabled
* h4. If there is no answer:
** Forward calls after some seconds, programmable from options menu
* h4. Deactivate:
** Disable any programmed forwarding on the terminal, programmable from the options menu

h3. Capture a call within your capture group
Campus do Mar telephones have been configured to only capture calls of telephones which belong to the office. To make a call capture, pick up the phone and dial \*8

h3. Directory list
To introduce new contacts on the Directory list:
# Press Directory key
# Press save key
# Introduce the number and the name with the numeric keypad:
#* To cancel or modify the number press the direction key
#* To introduce a space, press the direction key
# To save, press the save key or to return without saving, press the key !colgar.png|width=45,height=21!
or from the call list by pressing the save key and selecting the Directory list


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