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Before you start using Adobe Connect, it is advisable to check your system requirements (software and hardware) to make sure that the computer suits the needs of the solution proposed by Adobe. You can check all information related to the technical specifications of Adobe Connect under: [|]

In the event of problems, perform the following checks:
* Make sure your Internet connection is working.
* Verify that the URL of the meeting room is the right one.
* Disable the pop-up window blocking software of your web browser.
* Clear the cache of your web browser.
* Try to connect using another computer.
* Close all browser windows and open them again before you try to reconnect to the meeting.

Adobe Connect requires an appropriate Internet connection to access the meeting room. Other factors may affect this connectivity, such as firewalls or proxys.

You can perform the Adobe Diagnostic Test to know if your computer and network connections are properly configured to provide you with the best possible meeting experience: [|]

In the event of problems during the meeting:

* {color:#222222}We recommend to close any other application that requires access to{color} {color:#222222}audio or video{color} {color:#222222}devices, like skype or webex, since these devices can not be used by two applications at the same time.{color}
* Setup your preferences using the Audio Setup Wizard (for more information, please go to section [ENCMAR:2. Audio Configuration]). If there is no audio reception during the Audio Setup Wizard, test that the device works properly and check that it is properly connected.
* If you are not able to hear the other participants, make sure that the microphone is enabled (and that the speaker icon on the top bar is green) and that the volume of your headphones is set right. Some headphones are equipped with a separate volume control (volume knob or switch). You also need to make sure that this volume is set at the right level.
* Make sure both the microphone and the camera are activated (the microphone and the camera icons in the top bar will appear green). Once the application is started, a preview of the video is displayed. A pop-up window will ask you to give the application access to this devices. It is important to share your video and your audio with the other participants in order for them to see you and hear you.
* If there is no image after sharing your video, make sure that the drivers of the device are installed and updated.
* If this is the first time you use Adobe Connect in your PC and you want to upload documents for your presentation, you will need to install the dedicated plug-in. The application will restart automatically once this feature is installed.
* Once you start sharing your screen and give access to one specific application, the application selected must remain maximized without any other window blocking it partially or completely, in order for the other users to see it properly.
* Meeting room participants with the role attendee can't share their video or audio by default. The host of the meeting must enable this feature to allow each participant to take the floor and participate in the meeting session.
* In the event of quality loss in the video or the audio received from other participants:
** The host needs to make sure that the bandwidth options for the meeting room are correct (Go to: _Meeting \-> Preferences \-> Room Bandwidth_ and check that _DSL/Cable_ is selected).
** If a user stops hearing the audio of a participant, while the others still receive his audio, we recommend the user experiencing problems to restart the application.
** If a user receives low video quality from the other participants, it may because of the Internet connection he is using. Please make sure you are directly connected to the network and avoid the use of WiFi networks, whenever possible. When connecting from a home network, you also need to make sure that other users are not taking over the Internet bandwidth.
** If a user notices that his computer starts working slow while using Adobe Connect, it is advisable to close all programs that are not being used for the meeting purposes. If the problem persists, we recommend to exit the application, restart the computer and join the meeting again.


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