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* We recommend to use a headset equipped with a built-in microphone to minimize the background noise and echo.
* Verify that the headphones and the microphone work properly before you join or start a meeting. You also may need to check if they have been properly connected.
* The use a WiFi network may affect the quality of the connection. We recommend to {color:#000000}{*}connect directly to a network and avoid using WiFi{*}{color} whenever possible.
* It is advisable to follow the given order to take the floor, using the dedicated raised hand icon and waiting for the host or presenter to give way to each attendee.
* We recommend to keep your microphone muted during the meeting and activate it only when you need to make a comment or a speech, in order to minimize the background noise that may distract the person speaking.
* In the event of delay on the video or audio, it is important to slowly perform each step to allow the participants to follow our intervention and to listen to our comments before we ask a question or highlight information for a second time.
* Do not place the camera facing a window or close to a light source. This affects in a negative way the video quality, making the image darker and making more difficult to distinguish people in the frame.
* Set the volume of your headphones in a mid/mid-low level. If you set it too loud, the microphone may pick up the sound and echo.


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