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As a presenter in a meeting, you can share windows, applications, or your entire desktop. When you share anything on your computer screen, actions you take in the shared region are visible to all participants in the meeting. This allows the participants to better understand the topic you are presenting as you go on with the explanations.
To trigger this function, you just need to click on _Share My Screen_, as the figure below shows:


Then, a drop down menu will show the options available to share your screen:


* _Share My Screen_: allows you to share windows, applications, or your entire desktop. The windows or applications to share must be already opened in order to be selected in the list of applications to share.
Once you have selected them, keep the applications maximized to provide a better view. If you minimize them, the participants will not be able to see them.

* _Share Document_: you can share documents that have been uploaded to the Adobe Connect Content library (this option is only available for compatible files). To use this function, it is recommended to convert your documents into .pdf format. Once the uploading process is completed, it is advisable to go over the whole document to check that there are no errors and the layout looks fine (image formatting, text formatting, etc). You can prevent such errors by converting your files to .pdf before you upload them.

Select the file you want to share using the pop-up menu and then click OK. The application will start the conversion to upload the file to the Content library.

Once the uploading process is completed, the file will be displayed and a menu with the main options will appear in the top of the screen. These include:
_Draw_: to make notes during the presentation.
_Arrow_: to activate the mouse pointer. To make the pointer visible, you need to do a right click with your mouse and the other participants will see it in its current position.
_Stop Sharing:_ stops sharing your screen.
_Full Screen:_ allows you to display your presentation in full screen mode.

* _Share Whiteboard:_ displays whiteboards created for the current meeting. Presenters can write down explanations or sketches as they go with their presentation.

To partially erase a sketch, select the part you want to erase and press the "eraser" icon, just as the example below:
To load another document, regardless of the user, you need first to click on _Stop Sharing_ (using any of the buttons available) and go back to the main configuration screen _Share My Screen_ to start the sharing process again.



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