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First, start the web browser (we do not recommend using Google Chrome) and enter the meeting room URL. If you wish to make test Adobe Connect before the actual meeting date, you can contact the Multimedia Service Coordinators. For more information please check the following link []) and contact the support team.

To use Adobe Connect your need to use headphones and a microphone. To ensure participants have the best possible online experience, you need to use a headset equipped with a built-in microphone, in order to minimize the background noise and echo.

# [Login|ENCMAR:1. Login]
# [Audio Configuration|ENCMAR:2. Audio Configuration]
# [Start sharing camera and microphone|ENCMAR:3. Start sharing camera and microphone]
# [Start presentation|ENCMAR:4. Start presentation]
# [Quit the meeting|ENCMAR:5. Quit the meeting]
# [Best practices using Adobe Connect|ENCMAR:6. Best practices using Adobe Connect]
# [Troubleshooting|ENCMAR:7. Troubleshooting]

For any further information or to perform an Adobe Connect test, send an email to:

Tel: \+34 986130013


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