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{color:#333333}Adobe Connect is web meeting solution that enables video conferencing{color} {color:#333333}from virtually any device equipped with a{color} {color:#333333}{_}Webcam{_}{color}{color:#333333}, headphones and a microphone, and{color} {color:#333333}without requiring any codec or player downloads{color}{color:#333333}. To access the videoconference room you can use your web browser, where you can also share documents. All of it using a home Internet connection and with little advance planning. Adobe Connect is suitable for{color} {color:#333333}researchers meetings, trainings, tele-lectures and webinars.{color}
{color:#333333}It also enables us to record the sessions for later use, in order to have backup learning materials or to keep the meeting minutes.{color}
* [Adobe Connect Manual (presenter)|ENCMAR:Adobe Connect Manual (presenter)]
* [Adobe Connect Manual (participant)|ENCMAR:Adobe Connect Manual (participant)]

For more information or to test Adobe Connect, please refer to:


Tel: \+34 986130013


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