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h4. {color:#003366}{*}Grandstream GXP1450 User Manual{*}{color}

h4. Call Transfer
GXP1450 supports both Blind and Attended transfer:

h6. Blind Transfer (to transfer a call directly):

# Incoming call.
# Press #
# Dial the number or select it from the phonebook
# Press #
# Hang up the call

h6. Attended Transfer:

# Incoming call. Once the call is established
# Press "TRANSFER"
# Dial the number or select it from the phonebook
# Press #
# Talk to the person you want to transfer the call to
# Hang up the phone call or press "TRANSFER", both options work to transfer the call.

To retrieve the call, when the final contact does not answer (in an attended transfer):
# Press * (in order to cancel the outgoing call)
# Select the blinking LINE by pressing the corresponding Line Key

h4. {color:#003366}{*}Keys{*}{color}
* !indicador de volumen.jpg|thumbnail,width=100! Set volume for speaker, headset, handphone or phone ringtone.
* !auriculares.jpg|thumbnail! Enable to answer a call by using the headset or switch between headset and speaker.
* !mute.jpg|thumbnail! Mute an active call (to avoid being heard by caller).
* !send.jpg|thumbnail! Enable or disable handset. It can also be used to transfer calls or redial.
* !altavoz.jpg|thumbnail! Enable or disables speaker.
* !keypad.jpg|thumbnail! The navigation key is used to configure the device. When inside the configuration menu, this key works as a joysitck to navigate. The Menu/OK key in the center is used to confirm.
** Up arrow (outside the menu) shows unanswered calls
** Right arrow (outside the menu) shows “Missed calls"
** Down arrow (outside the menu) shows "Dialed calls"
** Left arrow (outside the menu) allows to go back to the main screen.

h4. Phonebook
The key !agenda.jpg|thumbnail! brings phonebook on screen. If the phonebook is empty, it only shows the phonebook menu.

h4. Save numbers

# To save a number in the phonebook select the "new entry" option
# Press OK.
# Enter the data of each field (Name, Surname, Phone number) and press OK.
# Once the data has been set, confirm the changes by clicking OK.
# The new entry has now been entered in the phonebook. The contact list is sorted by alphabetical order.


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