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h3. What is JIRA?
* *JIRA* is a web application that allows the incident monitoring and operative project management. It is also used
on not technical areas for task management.
** It allows to create tasks in relation with a project, to assign them to a person and to control their status any time.
** Access your assigned tasks and update them very easily
** Attach files and add comments to the tasks.

h3. Basic terms
* h4. General concepts:
** What is a *"Project"*?
JIRA calls "Project" to the group of tasks connected by a common nexus, which is summarized in the project title.
** What is an *"Issue"*?
JIRA calls "Issues" to the different tasks that are being carried out in relation to a Project.
** What is a *"Comment"*?
JIRA calls "Comment" to every note that is made on a task. These notes are fundamental to make a record of the realized work, to make suggestions, to describe the following actions when assigning a task to other person, etc.

* h4. About people:
** What is an *"Assignee"*?
Assignee is the person which has an assigned task in each moment. This person receives notifications via e-mail of every realized actions on that task while it is assigned to him or her. A task can be only assigned to one person simultaneously.
** What is a *"Reporter"*?
"Reporter" is the person that creates the task and who different people that have assigned this task must report their progress to.
A task Reporter receives e-mail notifications of every realized activities on that task.
** What is a *"Watcher"*?
Optionally one or several people can “subscribe” as watchers of a task that they want to monitor. Task watchers receive e-mail notifications of the observed task progress.

* h4. Task status:
** *"In progress"*: Assignee is working on the task.
** *"Resolved"*: Task has being solved by the Assignee. He or she must assign it back to the Reporter and wait until the Reporter confirms its closure.
** *"Closed"*: The Reporter has checked task resolution and closed it.

h3. First steps:
* h4. How to access my projects:

There are to ways to access my projects:
** Go to the Top Bar Drop-Down menu and select _Projects_ → _View All Projects._
** Choose a project by clicking on its name.

* h4. How to access a task (inside a project):
Inside the page project, you can access the different tasks created in _Issues: Due._ by going to the _Summary_ tab.

You can also access the list of the project tasks inside the _issues,_ tab, just below the _summary_ tab.

* h4. How to write a comment on a task:
Inside the task page of a project, clic on _Comment._
** Write down a comment inside the textbox.
** Click on _Add_ to attach a comment.


* h4. How to attach files to a task:
** h6. Step 2:
Inside the task page, click on "_More Actions",_ and then "_Attach Files_".

** h6. Step 2:
Click on browse to select a file.
*** You can attach a comment to the file by using the textbox.
Then, click on _Attach_ to add it.



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