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{section}{column:width=68%} How to make basic operations with directories from this platform will be described

MyFiles allows us working similarly to Dropbox. It is possible work through web page as it has been shown in previous sections or through mobile and desktop apps. Next, how to work using apps is described.

h3. Install app
To download the app go to "Settings view" in the platform and the downloads links are found


Clicking on the desired link we go to the app. In this section we only explain the desktop app installation.

Follow the link "Desktop app" and find the "ownCloud Desktop Client" section. DDownload the version necessary for the computer's operating system. Execute the app and follow the installation instructions.

h3. Conigure app

Once app has been installed, execute the app to configure it


The server url is solicited. The url to use is:

Click on continue


Our account is solicited. The account is the same as the used to the web platform. Click on Next and an configuration window appears


In this window you can select which folder in your computer will to be used to save the synchronized files and which files must be synchronized. Once the desired configuration is selected click on Connect, the platform will be synchronized with your computer. When the synchronization will be completed every file in this local folder will be upload to the platform depending on your selected configuration.



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