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Next, how to make basic operations with files from this platform will be described.

h3. File uploading
On the top of the main pane there is an option that allows adding files, “Upload”.
Any file can be added, obtaining it from a remote server or from our computer.
File maximum size that is possible to upload by this method is 1.95Gb.

h3. Delete
On the top of the main pane is the option “Delete”, which is the option used for deleting files.
For that purpose, we will select the file that we want to delete and then the option delete is activated. This operation will cause that files go to the recycle bin (trash)
Files have to be deleted from the recycle bin in order to make files disappear from the application totally.
For that, we will access to the recycle bin by the left pane, select the file and implement the order of deleting.

h3. Move or Copy
The file is selected and on the top pane we press the appropriate button according to the operation that we want to make, “Copy” or “Move”.
!movcopF_en.png|border=1! Then directory tree is expanded in order to choose the place to which we want to move or copy the file. !movcop2F_en.png|border=1,width=690,height=285!

h3. Rename
The option “Rename” allows changing a file name. For that, we will select the file and press the option “Rename”.
The file name will be editable in order to write again.
We will know the change has been made correctly for two reasons: because the application will report us about the realized change and because the new file name will appear on the screen.



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