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h3. Working on translation: see temporarily the Spanish version

User interface consists of two parts.

h3. Top pane
On the top pane that we can select the different views on the main panel and we can search on the MyFiles content


Clicking on the options button in the right of top pane we have a drop-down where we can select between Files view, Activity view or Gallery view.


We will explail in detail this views on the next section (Main pane) but you can see a summary:
* Files view allows managing the files in the platform
* Activity view allows knowing the use of the platform
* Gallery view allows manage only the images in the platform

The search icon in the top pane only works in the Files view and clicking on it allows searching in the current directory of the platform


At last, clicking on the username another drop-down is opened that allow us access to platform configuration options, online help or to log out


h3. Main pane

The main pane is the interface zone where we can perform all the platform activity. As we have seen in the previous section in the top pane we can choose between the different working views to this main pane. Now, we explain in detail the functionality of the different views.

* *Files view*

This is the main working view and it is show by default when you access to the platform


Here we can find the file list uploaded to the current directory and we can select them to move, download, share, delete them or upload new files

Moreover we can select which content is showed in this view through the different options in the left pane: favourites, shared files, search files by tags and deleted files.
Also we can find the WebDAV data in the Settings option.

* *Activity view*

In this view we can find a timeline with the last operations implemented with the files in the platform


The left pane allows us to delimit the showed operations using the different filters. We can select to view only our activity, favorites activity, shared files activity,...

* *Gallery view*

In this view we can manage all the images uploaded to the platform as if the platform was an image manager. When we select this view, the platform show us a preview of all images in their respective directories while it ignores the rest kind of files


From this view the only available options are upload a new image, order alphabetically or by upload date the images. If we click over an image we have a preview where we can delete or download it.

* *Settings view*


This view allow us to configure the different settings of our account, as for example the language of the platform, profile image or configure which mail notifications want to receive.

Moreover in this section we can see the disk usage of the platform in every moment


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