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User interface consists of three parts.

h3. File list
The main pane is the file list which is on the right pane.
Here we can see the file list of the current directory and select them to make operations on them such as moving,
downloading, sharing, deleting them, uploading new files, etc. These operations running will be described further on.

h3. Left information pane
This pane can be hidden or showed by clicking Left Pane button of the toolbar.
On the left pane we can navigate through repository folders.
Besides we can see information about the selected file on the central pane, such as previsualizations and
metadata for supported file types, file permissions we have on the file and who its owner is, what type of
file it is and when its last modification had place.
On this section any use that is being made of the disk space assigned to this user or group at any time.
If the user has not a space limit, nothing will be showed.
It will also allow us to do some actions on the file such as download it, change its permissions or share it.

h3. Top pane
On the top pane or toolbar actions that we can do on the active element are available. These actions change
depending on which element we select (a folder, one or several files or the recycle bin).
Generally, actions which are available on this toolbar can be also found on the context menu by left clicking on the appropriate element.
On this bar we can select any repository that we want to access if we have access to several ones
(for example, if we belong to one group or more).
On the left of this bar we can see the user that we have accessed with and by clicking on it the user menu will be expanded.
On this menu we can change user language, close session, change the password and consult WebDAV data.


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