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Softphones configuration manual

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Recomended softphones

In order to be able to configure a softphone you will need an username and a password for your phone number. If you don't have one, you can request them by sending an email to support@campusdomar.es

For Windows, Linux or Mac


Once the program has been installed, when you run it for the first time you will see the next image:

By clicking on “Softphone” you will see the following menu:

Select “Account Settings” to set up your account:

You should fill the sections with the following data:

  • In “Account name” enter the name you want to identify the account with.
  • In “User ID” and “Authorization Name” enter the name you have been provided with.
  • In “Domain” type the IP address:
  • In “Display Name” type the phone number associated with it. It is formed by adding the prefix 986 to the las six digits of you User ID.
  • In “Domain Proxy” enable the registration checkbox and change the exit path to Proxy by typing in the IP address:

Once you have completed all the fields, press OK and the following screen will be shown:

For Android


Once the application has been downloaded, installed and launched, a screen like this will be shown:

By clicking on “Add new account” you will be led to the following screen:

Select the option labelled as “Basic”

You should fill the sections with the following data:

  • Account name: Enter the name you want to identify the account with.
  • User: Enter the name you have been provided with.
  • Server: The IP address
  • Password: Enter the password you have been provided with.

Once all the data has been completed click on “Save”. The account will appear as registered.

Now we should change the configuration. Press the three squares icon at the right top corner or the device menu button

Go to settings

Now press the media option

Select codecs

You should disable all the codecs except PCMU and PCMA both in the “Fast” menu as well as in the “Slow” menu. To disable them just press above each codec.

Once you have finished, you are ready to use the softphone

Language: Spanish | Galician
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