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Aastra 673i Telephone User Guide

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Telephone Quick Guide (Model Aastra 673i)

Function Keys

  • Settings:

    • Settings menu and telephone customization
  • Calls:

    • List of the last 200 received calls (missed and answered calls)
  • Conference:

    • Place the current call on hold and start the conference with a third caller
  • Transfer:

    • Place the current call on hold and transfer the ongoing call to a third caller
  • Lines L1/L2:

    • Select the line (with LED: in use or incoming call)
  • Hands-free:

    • Activate hands-free speakerphone (with activity LED)

Memory Keys

  • Programmable Keys:

    • Keys 5 and 8 are preprogrammed to save, delete and access the Directory list and common services such as the list of calls

Volume Keys

  • Volume:

    • Adjust speakerphone volume on the phone, hands-free and call tone
  • Mute:

    • Silence the microphone of the phone or hands-free (caller does not hear)

Call Keys

  • Hold:

    • Place an ongoing call on hold with the music-on-hold, retrieve the call with the line key
  • Redial:

    • Access the list of the last 100 made calls, start the last one by clicking twice
  • Cancel:

    • End the call and go to main menu


  • Direct:

    • Transfer an ongoing call to a third caller without consultation
  • With consultation:

    • Transfer an ongoing call to a third caller consulting their availability


  • Establish a conference among several callers, after having started a conversation

Call forwarding

  • Immediate:

    • Option 1. Forward all the received calls on that number, programable from options menu
    • Option 2. Forward all the received calls on that number. For that, dial *71 + number to which you want to forward the call (adding number 0 before when the number is not from the university). To disable forwarding call dial * 72.
  • If line is busy:

    • Forward calls if the caller is busy and hold call service is not enabled
  • If there is no answer:

    • Forward calls after some seconds, programmable from options menu
  • Deactivate:

    • Disable any programmed forwarding on the terminal, programmable from the options menu

Capture a call within your capture group

Campus do Mar telephones have been configured to only capture calls of telephones which belong to the office. To make a call capture, pick up the phone and dial *8

Directory list

To introduce new contacts on the Directory list:

  1. Press Directory key
  2. Press save key
  3. Introduce the number and the name with the numeric keypad:
    • To cancel or modify the number press the direction key
    • To introduce a space, press the direction key
  4. To save, press the save key or to return without saving, press the key
    or from the call list by pressing the save key and selecting the Directory list
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