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7. Troubleshooting

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In the event of problems, perform the following checks:
* Make sure your Internet connection is working.

In the event of problems during the meeting:

* We recommend to close any other application that requires access to audio or video devices, like skype or webex, since these devices can not be used by two applications at the same time.
* Setup your preferences using the Audio Setup Wizard (for more information, please go to section [ENCMAR:2. Audio Configuration]). If there is no audio reception during the Audio Setup Wizard, test that the device works properly and check that it is properly connected.
* If you are not able to hear the other participants, make sure that the microphone is enabled (and that the speaker icon on the top bar is green) and that the volume of your headphones is set right. Some headphones are equipped with a separate volume control (volume knob or switch). You also need to make sure that this volume is set at the right level.