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Moodle is a service offered by Campus do Mar to administrate courses and help educators to create learning communities online. This guide is aimed to provide you the basics of the Campus do Mar mMoodle. For more information about Moodle, please refer to [support@campusdomar.es|mailto:support@campusdomar.es] or [https://moodle.org/|https://moodle.org/]

# [Access the Campus do Mar moodle website|ENCMAR:1. Access the Campus do Mar moodle website]
# [Course layout|ENCMAR:2. Course layout]

h5. Idioma: [Español|ENCMAR:Moodle - help] \| [Galego|GL:Moodle - help]
h5. Languages: [Spanish|help:Moodle - help] \| [Galician|GL:Moodle - help]