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2. Audio Configuration

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The first thing you have to do +always+ when creating a meeting is launching the _Audio Setup Wizard_. Go to the _Meeting_ menu and then _Audio Setup Wizard_.


A popup window will show up. Click on next to go on with the process:


*Step 1: Audio playback:* if the headset has been properly connected, you should hear a sound on both headphones. Please click the Help button below if you are still experiencing problems with your audio.


*Step 2: Select a microphone:* you need to select the input device you want to use. The common options are: pc built-in microphone, webcam built-in microphone and microphone input terminal (usually located on the front or back side of your computer, near the headphone output terminal). Built-in microphones are not the best option, since they are especially sensitive. They pick up background noise and echo more easily, making hearing difficult. If there are the only option available, you will need to ensure that the audio quality is correct by asking the other participants or performing the check described in the next step.


*Step 3: Recording Audio test:* Click on _Record_ to make a test recording. Then check the sound quality and the volume of the microphone by playing the recording and listening to it.


A popup message may appear in order to access your camera and microphone.


*Step 4: Tune Silence level:* This test will allow you to check the amount of background noise in the room. Please remain silent until the progress bar is filled.


Finally, in the last screen you will find all the devices and configurations listed. With this step the _Audio Setup Wizard_ is successfully completed.