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** What is a *"Description"*? "Description" makes reference to the comments that each host user note on each created eMeeting. It is very useful to describe the content of the eMeeting.
** What is a *"Nick Name"*? "Nick Name" is the alternative name that each user can show on each eMeeting.
** What is *"Permission"*? "Permission" field adjusts each eMeeting’s permissions. You can choose public, shared or private. It offers different ways to access the eMeeting. It is more described on the section public eMeeting or private eMeeting.

* h4. About users:
* h4. Start:
** Below there is a picture of the application start window indicating where the eMeeting creation button is. !NoeMeetings.png|width=600,height=408!
** In order to create a new eMeeting press the button \+eMeetings located on the right top of the screen and a form with the required fields for the eMeeting creation will be displayed: title and user nick name, public, shared or private option and an optional description. Finally, press Create button.

* h4. eMeetings List:
** Created eMeetings or those eMeeting of which you have been invited will be listed on the main user page. You can see the title, the description and different URLs to invite more users depending on whether the eMeeting is public, shared or private.
** \+Invite DigiMar Partners button allows inviting users from DigiMar database to your eMeeting.
** Clicking on the Join button located on the right of the title of the eMeeting, you can access the eMeeting and start the multivideoconference.

* h4. Links to invite users to eMeetings:
** eMeeting public, shared or private option provides different URL with different privileges for users that you want to invite to your eMeetings.
!eMeetings.png|width=596,height=555!\**\* h6. Public eMeeting:
**** Users invited from this type of eMeeting URL will have presenter privileges. Any external user (from DigiMar) has access to the eMeeting, being accessible from a simple URL: {nolink:http://emeetings.campusdomar.es/room/}"eMeeting name".
*** This option offers the possibility of changing the name with which you appear on the eMeeting.
* h4. Information about the eMeeting:
** Close to the buttons there is basic information about the eMeeting: creation data, eMeeting type (public, shared or private) and
the number of participants from DigiMar who will have access to the eMeeting.