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Grandstream GXP1450 Telephone User Guide

Grandstream GXP1450 User Manual

Call Transfer

GXP1450 supports both Blind and Attended transfer:

Blind Transfer (to transfer a call directly):
  1. Incoming call.
  2. Press #
  3. Dial the number or select it from the phonebook
  4. Press #
  5. Hang up the call
Attended Transfer:
  1. Incoming call. Once the call is established
  2. Press "TRANSFER"
  3. Dial the number or select it from the phonebook
  4. Press #
  5. Talk to the person you want to transfer the call to
  6. Hang up the phone call or press "TRANSFER", both options work to transfer the call.

To retrieve the call, when the final contact does not answer (in an attended transfer):

  1. Press * (in order to cancel the outgoing call)
  2. Select the blinking LINE by pressing the corresponding Line Key


  • Set volume for speaker, headset, handphone or phone ringtone.
  • Enable to answer a call by using the headset or switch between headset and speaker.
  • Mute an active call (to avoid being heard by caller).
  • Enable or disable handset. It can also be used to transfer calls or redial.
  • Enable or disables speaker.
  • The navigation key is used to configure the device. When inside the configuration menu, this key works as a joysitck to navigate. The Menu/OK key in the center is used to confirm.
    • Up arrow (outside the menu) shows unanswered calls
    • Right arrow (outside the menu) shows “Missed calls"
    • Down arrow (outside the menu) shows "Dialed calls"
    • Left arrow (outside the menu) allows to go back to the main screen.


The key brings phonebook on screen. If the phonebook is empty, it only shows the phonebook menu.

Save numbers

  1. To save a number in the phonebook select the "new entry" option
  2. Press OK.
  3. Enter the data of each field (Name, Surname, Phone number) and press OK.
  4. Once the data has been set, confirm the changes by clicking OK.
  5. The new entry has now been entered in the phonebook. The contact list is sorted by alphabetical order.

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