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3. Start sharing camera and microphone

To access the advanced configuration of your devices right-click over the grey window where the participants are located. A popup window will appear and you can now configure the Adobe Flash Player preferences:

  • Visualization tab: activate the hardware acceleration.
  • Privacy tab: allow Adobe Flash Player to access your camera and microphone and check the box if you want to save this settings for the future.
  • Local Storage tab: move the cursor to the top right to select unlimited storage in your computer.
  • Microphone tab: make sure that you have the microphone and headphones of your headset selected (use the sound bar to modify the record volume) and notice that the audio level does not reach the red values during normal use.
  • Webcam tab: allows you to select the webcam you want to use, in case you have more than one.

Back in the main screen, you will need to activate your video and audio in order to share them with the other participants. Click the Start My Webcam button or the webcam icon on the top of the screen.

You will be asked to confirm this action (if not done during the Audio Setup Wizard) and a preview video will be enabled to adjust the image preferences. Once the video is ready, you just need to click on Start Sharing to share it with the other participants.

The video screen will show the video recorded by your camera as well as the video from the other participants (once they have activated their webcams).

To talk to the other participants you need first to enable your microphone. Click on the microphone icon on the top of the window to activate it and the icon will turn into green, just as the camera did in the step before.

If the microphone works properly, the microphone icon on the top bar will start displaying waves. Another microphone icon will appear next to our user in the presenters list.

To activate/deactivate the microphone you just need to click on it and the microphone icon. Notice that the icon will still be green but crossed-out when it is deactivated.

Next to the microphone icon there is a drop down menu to adjust some of its features. You can monitor the sound level in Adjust Microphone Volume… to rise or limit the volume. If no audio bar is displayed, check that your microphone has been selected and that it works properly.

The host of the meeting manages the privileges of the room during the meeting. To ask for permission to take the floor, you can click the human icon with the hand raised displayed on the top bar. The drop-down menu next to this icon allows you to change your Status or show your opinion about the topics that are being discussed.

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