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3. Create new course

If this is your first logon, this is the view of the course site:

First of all, you have to create the course structure. The image below shows the default view with a general section that includes the News Forum and three more empty sections defined by topic. Moodle allows you to divide a course by topics, by weeks, to create only forums or define it in SCROM format. To change the format yourself, click on “Edit settings” inside the “Settings” column, you will get this view:

You can choose your preferred format under the “format” drop down menu.

If you choose to change the beginning date of the course follow this instructions. Since moodle automaticly generates the blocks by weeks (on the basis of the duration of the course), mark the “number of weeks/topics” you want in the drop down menu, then write their name/dates in the corresponding section.

The following details are valid for the weekly formatting as well as the topic formating.

To start editing a course, click on “Turn editing on” on the upper right corner of the page.

The layout of the page will change as it follows:

The label “Add an activity or resource” on a topic or a week item gives you access to a menu with different options. These are the most used ones:

There are two main groups:

  • Activities”: tasks where the students can interact (such as questionnaires, surveys, chats, etc.)
    • Chat” : to create chat rooms and organize online discussions.
    • Choice”: allows you to ask a multiple choice question.
    • Quiz”: allows you to create a scoring questionnaire with different kinds of questions (multiple choice, equations,etc.)
    • Survey”: allows you to create a survey to know the opinion of the students.
  • Resources”: materials accessible by students:
    • File”: Different kinds of downloadable files: pdf, presentations, etc.
    • Page”: allows you to create an external website from the course site.
    • URL”: allows you to add external links.
    • Recorded lecture”: allows you to add recorded seminars. This service works on request. In order to sign up for this service, you need to write an email to support@campusdomar.es

If you want to add or delete a topic or a week you only have to press the "plus" "minus" buttons shown under the last topic in the central section.

Other options available are:

  • Allows you to make an item or section visible for the students. Opened eye means visible.
  • Allows you to highlight a single topic (changing its font color) to emphasize its importance.
  • Allows you to change the order of the topics listed (first topic can become second, and vice versa)
  • Allows you to change the block title or to enter a brief description.

Inside each resource you can also find the following options:

  • Allows you to edit a resource
  • Creates a table entry with the resource
  • Changes the order listed of the resource
  • Opens the editing view of the resource
  • Copies the resource
  • Deletes the resource
  • Enable/Disable view of the resource

If you want see the student view (which options or files are available for them and which remain hidden), you need to go to the "Settings” pane and clic on“Switch role to”.

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