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2. Course layout

These are the options available inside a course:

  • The column on the left has the course information, where other general functions available on Moodle are listed.
    • Navigation” pane: view of the different course categories of each course in which the participant is registered (participants, activity reports…)
    • Settings” pane: shows the different editing functions available for a course. The "student view" option allows you to preview the site layout for students and modify the options available within their personal profile.
  • Each course consists of different blocks, which are shown in the column on the center. If you enter a course page for the first time, the view will be like this:
  • The temporary administration of the course is set on the right column panes.
    • Latest News” pane: shows the last posts or answers published in the “News” forum
    • Search”: To look for information inside a course
    • Upcoming events” pane: shows the upcoming events of a course that have been entered on the calendar (deadlines or activities)
    • Recent Activity” pane: shows the last updates of the course (new documents, comments, activity,…) since the last visit.

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