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2. Basic operations with files

Next, how to make basic operations with files from this platform will be described.

File uploading

On the top of the main pane there is an option that allows adding files, “+”.

Clicking on "Upload", the computers' files manager is opened and every file in the computer can be searched and uploaded to the platform

Delete files

In the right side of every file or directory in the platform we can find an options icon (three points). Clicking on it a drop-down menu is opened where "Delete" option can be found. This option is used to to delete desired file or directory.

This operation will cause that files go to the recycle bin (trash). Files have to be deleted from the recycle bin in order to make files disappear from the application totally. For that, we will access to the recycle bin by the left pane, clicking on "Deleted files", select the file and implement the order of deleting.

There is another option to delete files. Clicking on a file or directory icon, it will be selected and a "Delete" option appears in the top menu of the main pane.

With this method is possible delete various files and/or directories simultaneously. As the same as in the first method the files are not removed directly, they will be moved to recycle bin

Move files

Move files or directories is very easy, it can be done by drag and drop: click on selected file and move it to the desired destination

Share files

There is two options for share files or directories: share directly the file with other user or users group or through a public or private link. To activate any of the options you can click on share icon of the desired file or directory or click on options icon and select "Details" or click on file icon

In this window can be selected how the file is shared.

To share with an user or group, click on "User and Groups" and write the name of the desired user or group, the platform suggest all the users or groups registered with this name and it can be selected to share.

Once the user have been selected the file is been shared with him and it is possible to edit the permissions that he have over the file.

If you want to share with people not registered in the platform use the option share with link. Select "Public links" option and click on "Create public link", a window is opened where permissions of the link, password or expired date can be set

Other options

The platform also allow create the files directly inside it

To create a file click on the option "+"

Other options besides upload can be seen: Folder, Text file,... When you click on an option, first the name is converted to an editable text field for name the file and after, an editor is opened in a new window to create the file content.

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